Rob Kardashian left Italy before Kim Kardashian, Kanye West wedding (Report)

By Daniel S Levine,

One member of the Kardashian family left Italy sooner than expected. Rob Kardashian, Kim Kardashian’s brother, left Florence before seeing his sister tie the knot with rapper Kanye West.

Rob reportedly went to the airport to get an early flight back to Los Angeles on Saturday, before the wedding took place. TMZ’s sources said that he was in tears at the time and it was not immediately clear what might have caused a family dispute. The site later posted a picture of him arriving at LAX and clearly not happy.

On Sunday, TMZ reported that Rob apparently did not want to be in the wedding photos. Rob is insecure about the way he looks and, even though his family was completely supportive and wanted him in the pictures, he left.

They kept insisting that he get in the pictures, but he refused. Eventually, they decided to just get him a ticket and he left Italy early.

The wedding went off without any other issues, as far as the public knows now. West and Kardashian got married at the Fort di Belvedere with Andrea Bocelli, John Legend and Lana Del Rey to sing for them. They then reportedly left for Ireland, where they will have a five-day honeymoon.

image via INFDaily.com



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