Roommates return $41,000 discovered in old couch they bought

By Kyle Johnson,

Three New York roommates discovered nearly $41,000 in an old, smelly couch they purchased at a Salvation Army shop and decided to do the right thing and return the money to the owner.

Cally Guasti, Reese Werkhoven and Lara Russo told The Associated Press they discovered envelopes of cash when they decided to investigate why the cushions on their couch looked so lumpy. "We just pulled out envelopes and envelopes," Guasti said.

After finding all the money stashed away in the cushions, they counted up the total, which came to $40,800. "Honestly, I was a little overwhelmed," said Russo.

They weren't sure what to do about the money at first, but with ideas of how to spend it in their heads they discovered that one envelope had deposit slip with a name, according to The Little Rebellion. They talked about it at length, but in the end decided to do the right thing and contact the woman.

After getting an address they drove out to the Hudson Valley with the money and wondered what kind of person the money belonged to. At the front door, they felt the elderly woman and her family "were nice people," Werkhoven said.

The woman eventually explained in an interview that the money was from her husband who had a heart condition and wanted her to be set after he eventually passed. She would hide the money in the couch, which she would also sleep on. But the couch was accidentally replaced when her daughter got her a bed after she had back surgery.

She gave the three of them $1,000 as a reward.



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