‘Rosemary’s Baby’ with Zoe Saldana premieres on NBC Sunday

By Marcina Zaccaria ,

Audiences will have a chance to see the popular story of Rosemary’s Baby in a new way. On Sunday, NBC's four-hour adaptation of the Ira Levin 1967 novel begins.

Rosemary’s Baby stars Zoe Saldana as Rosemary Woodhouse in her first leading TV role. The plot is familiar to anyone who read the book or saw Roman Polanski's 1968 classic with Mia Farrow. Rosemary and her husband find themselves in Paris after a miscarriage. Rosemary’s next pregnancy becomes challenged and her world becomes more difficult to fathom.

The filming of Rosemary’s Baby took place in Paris, where the new version is set, although Levin and Polanski set the previous incarnations in New York. Saldana, told the Associated Press, "It is a gift to be able to play a role that another actress, a very iconic actress, played and found a very special way to make it authentic." Saldana is known for roles in Star Trek and Avatar.

When familiar stories make the jump to the small screen, there are always considerations. This year’s version of Rosemary’s Baby will be presented over four hours.

Executive producer David Stern told Reuters, “Both networks and cable stations are willing to take risks right now and they're a great incubator and great home for people who just want to get their material out there."

Rosemary's Baby premieres on Sunday at 9 p.m.



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