Samsung found to have infringed on two Apple patents, must pay $119.6 million

By Kyle Johnson,

A federal jury ruled on Friday that Samsung Electronics was guilty of violating two of Apple's patents and ordered the company pay up.

The jury ordered Samsung to pay out $119.6 million in damages to Apple, reports USA Today. Apple sought $2.2 billion in the court case and had accused the other tech company of infringing up several patents.

Apple believed that Samsung violated patents when it included technology for word correction, unlocking slide feature, background syncing, universal searching and quick links in their Galaxy line of products. Samsung shot back that Apple infringed upon them with certain video and picture app features, but wanted the much lower $7 million in damages.

In addition to not getting anywhere close to the amount in damages it sought, Apple was also found to have infringed upon one Samsung patent, according to The Wall Street Journal. Apple was ordered to pay $158,400.

Apple and Samsung have been fighting it out in courts over patent issues for the past few years. Samsung is currently appealing a $930 million court decision that found the company infringed upon six other Apple patents related to hardware.



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