Samsung plans to release new ‘smartwatch’

By Krista Frost,

Samsung has made big strides in the technology world, placing the Samsung Galaxy S5 on the market in April. Their next plan is to present a smartwatch which can operate fully on its own this summer.

The Wall Street Journal reports the smartwatch will be able to make and receive phone calls, send text messages and emails, take photos and do many other tasks without a phone to unlock its full capabilities. How successful the phone watch will be remains questionable. Lee Seung-woo told the Journal “There’s still the question of why people need to buy smartwatches today”. Seung-woo went on to explain that the market for smartphones is larger than that of smartwatches.
Samsung plans to release the smartwatch under their in-house operating system Tizen, created in partnership with Intel, says Business Insider. The company released the Galaxy Gear 2 in 2014 to test out Tizen and become a competitor to Apple and Google’s Android. Samsung hopes to use Tizen to connect with other electronic products and build their own app ecosystem.



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