Scarlett Johansson does not want to be viewed as a sex symbol anymore

By Ricky Yandoli,

Famous Hollywood actress and beauty Scarlett Johansson has recently stated that she does not want to be viewed as a sex symbol. She is happy with the idea of becoming older and not being portrayed as eye candy anymore. To her that sort of star attention does not last long.

“That part I'm happy about. It's nice to be glamorous, but I don't want to always have to be trendy and glamorous and an object of desire. I don't want to be stuck in that forever. Because it doesn't last,” said Johansson, identified by Daily Mail.

The superstar is pregnant and is not worried about losing her figure. She is looking forward to a point in time where she never has to worry about her looks. The only thing she is worried about as of this moment in time is juggling her acting career and being a mother, according to Web Pro News.

Since 1994, Johansson has been working on films non-stop. She is the definition of an actress who works hard and pays attention to her craft very carefully. Good looks can be given to people, however most times you cannot teach work ethic to an individual. Johansson loves making movies and seems to be working harder than she ever has before.

image courtesy of Famous/ACE/INFphoto.com



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