Scotty McCreery opens up about home invasion

By Chelsea Lewis ,

Country star, Scotty McCreery is opening up about a recent home invasion that he experienced. The suspect was arrested but McCreery is still processing hte details of what happened that evening.

In a recent interview with Music Times, the former American Idol alumni explained that at one point during the home invasion he had a gun pointed at his head.

"One of the guys who lived there, he just figured it was a neighbor," McCreery explained. "He looked through his peep-hole -- the guys didn't have a mask or gloves, so he didn't look suspicious at all.”

The situation escalated quickly. “The first guy in the room had an assault rifle, and he put that right against the sternum of the guy who opened the door,” said McCreery. “The main guy, who was casing the living room, he had a pistol to my head and a pistol at another guy's head. It definitely puts your life in perspective when you're staring down the barrel of a pistol."

The Associated Presss reported that the suspect turned himself into police a day after the event took place. Mikkail Jamal Shaw, 19, was charged with armed robbery and conspiracy. It is not clear if Shaw had an attorney representing him.



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