Search for Malaysian Airlines aircraft enters new phase

By Michelle Kapusta,

The search for Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 has entered a new phase, one that will be more challenging.

NBC News reported that on Monday, an Australian official said that the new search will use more sophisticated material and cover a broader area undersea than what has already been covered.

The new equipment will reportedly be able to go down further in the ocean than the Bluefin 21 submarine was able to.

CNN noted that officials will meet on Wednesday to discuss the specific plans for the upcoming search.

"We know that the water is very deep," said Australian Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss. "And for the next stage involving sonar and other autonomous vehicles, potentially at very great depths, we need to have an understanding of the ocean floor to be able to undertake that kind of search effectively and safely."

The Boeing 777 Malaysian Airlines aircraft went missing on March 8 in route to Beijing. More than 25 countries around the globe have assisted in search efforts for the jet or any of its 239 passengers, so far authorities have not found anything.



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