Search for three men missing in a Colorado mudslide continues

By Marcina Zaccaria,

Three men are still missing in the mudslide that occurred on Monday in Colorado.

The Mesa County Sherriff’s Office identified the missing men as Clancy Nichols, Danny Nichols and Wes Hawkins.

The men became missing after going to see why an irrigation ditch stopped running. A small mudslide gave way to a larger mudslide that hit the remote area of western Colorado, approximately an hour from Grand Junction.

Bill Clark, a cousin of Wes Hawkins, told the Associated Press, "How can anybody expect or see something like this coming? Or happening like that? Cause they were just up there checking the water, afraid of losing the county road.”

On Monday, more than 40 people continued to search for three men and their vehicle, according to The Denver Post. The mudslide ran for about 3 miles, and no homes were damaged. Mesa County Sherriff Stan Hickey said that the slide could have been caused by days of strong rain. Investigators used a drone near the edge of Grand Mesa to further determine information regarding the mudslide.



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