Sen. Tim Kaine says he will support Hillary Clinton if she runs in 2016

By Amanda Stewart,

Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia says that he will back Hillary Clinton if she decides to run for Democratic nomination in 2016.

According to The Associated Press, the Democrat plans to have a breakfast Saturday morning for Democratic activists in Columbia. In his remarks, he will say that Clinton is a classic American optimist and would be able to lead the U.S. during such tough times.

"She understands the challenges facing Americans from all walks of life and has the compassion and skill necessary to help improve our everyday lives," Kaine says.

Kaine says that he is backing the former first lady because of his history as a top diplomat as well as her deep engagement in serious issues, according to Daily Press.

Kaine will be entering his fifth year in the Senate in 2017 and says that Clinton is the desired partner who he would want working in the White House.

However, Kaine does realize it would be hard to get Clinton in office. “If it were easy for women to achieve top leadership spots in this country, Congress would have more than 18 percent women serving,” he said.

While Clinton is deciding whether or not she will run, the field of potential challengers has been frozen.

Kaine is only the latest Democrat to push Clinton to run in 2016. Sen. Chuck Schumer, former Governor Jennifer Granholm and Sen. Claire McCaskill have all encouraged Clinton to run.

Clinton says that she will decide later this year whether or not she will run. She is planning to embark on a tour promoting her latest memoir and will be campaigning for Democrats in the fall.



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