Seth Rogen's 'Neighbors' may surprise 'Amazing Spider-Man 2' at the box office with big debut

By Daniel S Levine,

Seth Rogen may be trying to ward off rambunctious Neighbors, but he also has to fight off The Amazing Spider-Man at the box office this weekend. The Universal comedy has been building enough buzz that it might topple The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Spider-Man 2 started its box office run with a $92 million debut and is expected to drop at least 50 percent this weekend. That would put it in the low $40 million range, notes Variety, and perilously close to losing to Neighbors.

The comedy pairs Zac Efron with Rogen and is rated R. Still, the film is the first raunchy comedy of the summer, so anyone looking for a laugh is probably going to check it out. An opening in the mid-$30 million range is expected. Entertainment Weekly is predicting $35 million.

Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return might trick some parents into taking their children to see it. The film does feature Glee’s Lea Michele, but it has been widely panned. Box Office Mojo estimates a $5.5 million opening for the movie, but EW is much more generous with over $10 million.

The Other Woman should hang around for another weekend, this time bringing in over $5 million. Mom’s Night Out is a PG Sony comedy with Patricia Heaton which is expected to make around $5 million as well.

You can check out other movies opening this weekend at Trailer Park.



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