Seven more in Saudi Arabia die from MERS

By Kyle Johnson,

Seven more people have passed away in Saudi Arabia from Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, while 10 more cases were reported.

With the discovery of 10 more cases, the Middle East country has had a total of 473 confirmed cases of MERS, reports Reuters. The health ministry says the death toll has now increased to 133 since the coronavirus first spread to the country a couple years ago.

The number of cases spiked in April and continue to do so in May after outbreaks centered around Riyadh and Jeddah hospitals, which are being blamed for poor prevention and control measures. Officials have expressed worry about a possible further increase in the rate of infections as the month of Ramadan fast approaches and more people arrive in the country.

As more cases continue to be reported, Indonesia has moved to increase monitoring of travelers coming into the country through the airport and seaports, reports Today Online. Agung Laksono, coordinating minister for people's welfare, said that heat monitors have been set up to easier identify people who have fevers.

The moves come just as two men died in the country and three others are in quarantine. According to The Jakarta Globe, they are believed to have been infected with MERS as all visited Saudi Arabia, but it has yet to be confirmed.

Pulminologist Azizman Saad said the three in quarantine at first presented with high fevers and difficulty breathing, but have since improved, but samples were still sent out for tests.

Though MERS, which is similar to Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, is primarily only found in the Arabian Peninsula, the United States got its first case last week. The Indiana man's condition is said to be improving, but he remains in isolation though he will likely be released soon.



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