Shailene Woodley tells Jimmy Kimmel: 'Everything I own' fits in a suitcase

By Gina DiFalco,

Shailene Woodley appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday night to promote her new film The Fault in Our Stars and the actress is once again reiterating her gypsy-like lifestyle.

Woodley, who recently revealed in an interview that she eats clay, said she owns a very limited amount of possessions.

“Everything that I own and use are in a carry-on suitcase,” she said, Entertainment Weekly reports.

She can certainly afford a home, and the home she did have in Los Angeles she gave to her grandmother. So instead, she just stays with friends when she’s back in town.

“I was only here in L.A. for two months, so when you’re home you kind of want to soak up faces and places, like familiarity, and feel comfortable. And then I leave again,” she said.

Back in March, Woodley told Seth Meyers that she “couch surfed” after finishing Divergent. She said she “got rid” of everything she owned and now enjoys a more carefree lifestyle.



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