Small plane crashes into Colorado home, pilot parachutes to safety

By Kyle Johnson,

A small plane crashed into a Northglenn, Colorado home on Monday afternoon, but the pilot managed to escape without serious injury.

According to NBC News, the Federal Aviation Administration said the pilot managed to bail out of the Piper PA-25 single-engine plane with a parachute ahead of the crash. He was taken to the hospital after landing.

The plane crashed right into the middle of the house, which created several small fires outside of the house. North Metro Fire District spokeswoman Sara Farris said firefighters were working on putting them out.

Luckily there was no one inside of the house when the plane crashed, but firefighters did have to rescue a dog kept in the garage, reports KUSA.

Sonny Minjavez, a witness, said he saw the plane struggling to stay in the air while dragging a banner behind it. The Piper plane didn't appear to be moving well enough to keep the banner flying straight behind. Minjavez noted that he saw smoke after the plane attempted to turn around.



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