Snoop Dogg speaks out against gun violence

By Brendan Morrow,

Snoop Dogg is calling on his fellow rap artists to help stop the rise of gun violence in the United States.

At an event for his No Guns Allowed campaign in San Francisco yesterday, Snoop said that those in the rap community should take a stand on the issue of gun violence, The Telegraph reports.

"We are the voices that the youth listen to," Snoop said. "They respect us, so we are the ones who actually can put a half pause on the gun violence when we speak as one as a whole rap community.”

Snoop was also joined at the event by MC Hammer and Joe Montana, and the group auctioned off signed artwork and football helmets to raise money for the No Guns Allowed campaign.

This campaign was launched after the Sandy Hook shooting last year and aims to reach out to young people and to advocate for gun legislation, The Independent reports.

Snoop also said that he believes the violence of rap lyrics has declined over time, but that his community does not have any affect on the laws.

image courtesy of INFphoto.com



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