South Korean train crashes into back of another, leaving over 200 injured

By Kyle Johnson,

A South Korean subway train crashed into the rear of another one on Friday in a Seoul subway, leaving over 200 people injured.

The train ran into the rear of a train that was stopped in between two stations because it was suffering from a mechanical issue, reports RT. 1,000 people were safely pulled from the trains, while about 150 people were sent to the hospital for minor injuries. A total of 238 people were reported to have been injured in some way because of the accident, but there were no serious injuries.

South Metro official Jeong Su-young said the driver of the moving subway train wasn't able to stop in time. He pulled the emergency brake as soon as he saw the stop signal though, Jeong said.

According to Reuters, a government emergency official said some people who suffered an injury did so after they jumped out of the train to get back to the station. An announcement made on the trains told them to remain onboard for the time being, but few wanted to wait around.



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