'Star Wars: Rebels' preview trailer released, full trailer coming on Sunday (Video)

By Daniel S Levine,

Since Disney and Lucasfilm didn’t wait until Star Wars Day to announce the main cast for Episode VII, the only thing fans have left to wait for on that day is the full trailer for Star Wars: Rebels. In the meantime, a 15-second trailer for the trailer has been released.

Obviously, not much can be revealed in 15 seconds, but it does include footage we have not seen yet. This is the first trailer since the two teasers were released in February.

The new footage features our group of Rebel heroes attacking an Imperial base. They set a trap, bombing the base and blowing up a squad of Stormtroopers. “At a time when fear ruled the galaxy, a rebellion will unite,” the narrator says.

Star Wars: Rebels will air on Disney XD and is set to start this fall. Hopefully, Sunday’s full trailer will include a set premiere date we can mark on our calendars.

The series is a major step for the Star Wars franchise, as it is the first content created since Disney bought Lucasfilm. It will also be the first new addition to the official canon, now that the Expanded Universe has mostly been wiped away. The canon now includes the six movies (plus the new ones), Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Rebels and any Expanded Universe material referenced in those shows, plus any novels published from now on.

You can check out the official cast for the next movie here.



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