Stormchasers capture supercell thunderstorm on video

By Kyle Johnson,

Stormchasers in Wyoming were able to capture a thunderstorm supercell developing on Sunday and posted it online for people to see.

The beautiful footage, which was edited into a timelapse video, was released by Basehunters and shows a supercell forming near Newcastle. According to ABC 7, a supercell will develop out of a normal thunderstorm, when it develops characteristics, such as a well-defined rotation.

The rotation is important to a supercell and is created by updraft, which is warmer, more humid air, and an equally strong downdraft, which is cooler, more dry air. Hail and even sometimes tornadoes can be created as a result of the supercell. The one captured on film in Wyoming only ever had hail.

The National Weather Service also notes that wind shear is important in the development of a supercell, as it creates the mesocyclone, which is starts off the rotation and helps keep the supercell from weakening as the downdraft and updraft areas will be kept separate. It's also the most recognizable part of the supercell as it looks like the start of a tornado.

Supercells are able to develop anywhere under the right weather conditions, but in the United States they generally form in the Midwest.



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