Students have to 'pay' to use restroom at Washington state elementary school

By Michelle Kapusta,

One teacher’s policy at an elementary school in Vancouver, Washington is causing bathroom accidents with third graders who must pay with fake money to use the restroom.

According to KOIN, the Evergreen School District is investigating claims from parents of students at Mill Plain Elementary that their children urinated on themselves as a result of a teacher’s rule.

The teacher uses play money as part of her curriculum and makes the students choose whether to spend it on toys, popcorn or other treats instead of the bathroom.

“My daughter finally told me, ‘We have to pay to use the bathroom.’ Nobody should have to pay to use the bathroom,” said Merchon Ortega.

Ortega’s daughter’s said she chose to spend the money on a treat over a trip to the bathroom, causing an accident in class.

Another parent, Jasmine Alayadhi, said her daughter also came home after wetting her pants. Her child said that she did not want to feel left out and wanted to eat popcorn with her friends. She told her mom that she tried to hold it in, but couldn’t and ended up going on herself.

Syracuse.com noted that parents did not have a problem with the instructor teaching their children about the value of money. They do, however, have a problem with her making them use it for the restrooms.

"When it comes to a bathroom issue, when a child has to pay money to use the bathroom - that's wrong," parent Jasmine Al-Ayadhi told KATU. "It's inhumane. That's a health issue.

The teacher has been removed from the school while an investigation is being conducted.



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