Subway train crashes in South Korea, injuring 200 people

By Marcina Zaccaria ,

Over two hundred people were injured when a subway train in South Korea crashed into another train at a station on Friday.

Seoul Metro official Jeong Su-young said that he applied an emergency break, but the train didn’t stop in time. He said that two subway cars were derailed, according to Reuters.

Lee Dong-hyun, a passenger on the incoming train, told the Associated Press, "It stopped suddenly ... and everyone screamed."

Emergency officials arrived at the scene about two to three minutes after the accident. People injured by the train crash were brought to the hospital after the accident. Minor injuries included fractures and bruises. Approximately 150 people remain hospitalized. An investigation has lead officials to believe that the train’s “automatic control system may have malfunctioned.”

There was also a good deal of attention from the media, including social media sites. Local media reported that there were delays in providing instructions about how to proceed after the emergency. Citizens in South Korea have had strong words about safety practices in South Korea, following a ferry accident that left 300 dead.



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