'Supernatural' season finale recap: 'Do You Believe in Miracles'

By Samantha Ravenscroft,

Sam and Cas try to contain Dean after he attacks Gadreel. They lock him up because he is not acting as his usual self and then go back to check on Gadreel who has disappeared.

Metatron has himself a intercom system reminiscent of the one’s principals use, except this one allows Metatron to block out all angel radio so that the angels can hear him and him alone. What does he tell the angels? Just that he’s going on a trip and the door to Heaven will be closed for a little while. Meanwhile, Cas and Sam find Gadreel in a field, and even though Gadreel objects, Cas heals the angel, therefore weakening himself. Gadreel believes Metatron is going after humans.

Still locked away, Dean summons Crowley, wanting answers as to why he’s changed so much. Apparently the mark is causing Dean to have the urge to kill, and if he doesn’t do it he could die, because he is a human, not a demon. Dean decides it’s time to go after, and finally kill, Metatron, and gets Crowley to help him escape.

Gadreel, Sam, and Cas arrive back at the bunker and Gadreel tells the others that Dean is probably their best chance of getting rid of Metatron. Sam isn’t happy about the prospect of sending Dean into battle so Gadreel also suggest that they try to sever the bond Metatron has with the Angel Tablet. That way they can ensure that Metatron only has his normal angel powers and not his supercharged one. Sam then smells sulfur in the bunker and they realize Dean has escaped with Crowley’s help.

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