Tally, a dog raised by cats, acts like a cat

By Daniel S Levine,

The Internet has seen cute cats, cute dogs, cute cats cuddling with dogs and even cute cats saving a child from a dog. Now, we have seen a dog that acts like a cat.

Imgur and Reddit user xlinnea posted a series of photos of her beautiful husky, Tally. The owner writes that Tally is not a straight husky, but a mix of husky, malamute and other dogs. “She actually looks and behaves more like a malamute (which are also a bit cat-like), but most people don't know what they are so I go with 'husky,'" xlinnea wrote.

The owner explained that she doesn’t have cats herself, but Tally’s previous owner did have cats. xlinnea wrote that the previous owners never gave photographic evidence of Tally being raised with kittens, but they said that Tally was the only puppy they owned. Their other pets were cats.

Tally is seen in various cat-like poses in the photos and there is even one showing the dog squeezed inside a box. She ignores other dogs and has not seen another cat since xlinnea got her. “I think she misses her kind,” xlinnea noted.

xlinnea shared several other adorable photos of Tally, including several of her as a puppy. She also has her own couch to herself.

The one advantage of a dog acting like a cat is that she is very quiet. “Forgot to mention that she's almost completely mute. She likes to lie there, observing people and silently judging them all day,” xlinnea wrote.

images via Imgur from xlinnea



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