Thailand military declares martial law, insists it's not a coup

By Kyle Johnson,

Thailand's military instituted martial law on Tuesday local time in order to try and curb anti-government demonstrations.

An army general noted that the army was not taking over, merely trying to keep the country from spiraling further out of control. The general told Reuters, "We declared a state of emergency, it's not a coup. Because the situation, it's not stable, they kill each other every day."

The general also claimed that the army had taken control of television stations in order to properly inform citizens of the situation. "We need cooperation from them to announce to the people 'do not panic, this is not a coup.'"

Anti-government activists have been protesting for the last six months and Thailand's government is even more of a mess since a court removed Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra and nine ministers for abuse of power.

According to Bloomberg, protests continue despite the ousting of Yingluck and they have made it difficult for officials to begin work on setting up elections. They had hoped for a July 20 election, but that appears to have fallen apart due to constant demonstrations.



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