Thousands evacuated as wildfires continue to burn in southern California

By Michelle Kapusta,

Thousands have been evacuated due to wildfires in San Diego County that have burnt almost 10,000 acres.

Reuters reported that the wildfires continued to rage in southern California on Thursday, keeping residents and students away from their homes and campuses after officials issued evacuation advisories.

CNN noted that military aircraft and extra crews were brought in to try and contain the fire that erupted on Wednesday in San Marcos, home to California State University. The burning wildfires caused the school to cancel this week's commencement ceremony and other activities, according to officials.

Southern California is no stranger to wildfires this time of year, however, with the state experiencing its worst drought in years, the fires could become even more out of control. The unusually warm heat has not helped either. On Thursday, forecasters predicted the high to be between 98 and 106.

California Governor Jerry Brown has since declared a state of emergency.

No injuries have been reported as a result of the fires.



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