Top 10 2014 Billboard Awards Multiple Nominations

By Patricia Streeter,

The Billboard list documents a top song, artist, and album. In addition, it also tracks how long the song stayed at a certain rank. The higher you go, the better your song and album are doing.

Though channels like MTV, VH1, and BET have countdown shows, an artist Billboard rank is more important. This is a reflection of their national success. It is not showcasing how the song or video is doing on a particular network.
Sunday, May 18 is the Billboard 2014 Music Awards. The Billboard Music Awards is one of the greatest nights for musicians, because this Awards show specifically applies to them. Many of the nominees receive nominations for other awards shows, but it maybe one or two.

Essentially, those that attend are sitting waiting to hear their name. Only one can win. If you do not win, you have to sit through the rest of the show waiting for the after party. The artist on this list have a good chance of going home with at least one award.

Who are the lucky 10? Let’s find out!



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