Top 10 Best and Most Shocking Moments of the 2013 Billboard Music Awards

By Gabrielle Washington,

With the 2014 Billboard Music Awards on its way this coming Sunday, it is only necessary that we recap the best, and most shocking moments of the 2013 Billboard Music Awards.

For years the Billboard Music Awards have pushed artists far beyond their full potential and made dreams turn into reality. Best new artists in a few years end up getting Artist of the Year and take off into the realm of Musical Icons later in their careers. But although this is true, some memories of these special moments are better then others.

Some of these things could be funny and just jaw dropping, or they can be flat out life-ruining. Whether there is a wardrobe malfunction, forgetting lyrics, terrible playback, embarrassing acceptance speeches, or falling on stage in front of millions, anything can happen here at the Billboard Music Awards, but the show must go on!

From Justin Bieber getting booed on stage to Nicki Minaj giving Lil Wayne a lap dance, 2013 Billboard music awards did not disappoint.



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