Top 10 Cory Monteith 'Glee' Performances

By Kelly Moreno,

It has been almost a year since Cory Monteith died tragically from a lethal combination of alcohol and heroin last July in a Vancouver hotel. However, on Sunday, May 11, which also happened to be Mother's Day, what was being remembered was not the day he died but the day he was born.

On what would've been the late actor's 32nd birthday, his Glee costar and girlfriend Lea Michele took to Twitter to honor him. As previously reported by TheCelebrityCafe.com, the 27-year-old posted a sweet picture in which the late actor-singer flashed a big, sweet smile, captioning it with, “The biggest heart and most beautiful smile.. In all of our hearts.. We love you so. Happy Birthday.”

To also honor him on this occasion as well as to celebrate his talent, we have compiled a list of Monteith's best Glee performances as Finn Hudson to remind everyone of one of the reasons he was so loved by his fans.

Image via Twitter from Lea Michele



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