Top 10 Dream 'Power Rangers' Cast Members

By Lauren Wheeler,

Go go Power Rangers remake!

Pull out your old Might Morphin Power Ranger VHS tapes, because there is going to be a Power Rangers remake. Lionsgate, the studio behind Hunger Games and Divergent, has teamed up with Saban Brand. They have announced plans to reboot the Power Rangers series. The studio and Saban, which owns the Power Rangers brand, said that the new film will “re-envision” the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Power Rangers follows a group of average teens who are given powers by Zordon, a magical head in a lamp. The original Power Rangers were pink, white, blue, yellow, red and black. The actors for each Power Ranger has changed throughout the years but the colors have stayed the same.

The original series, which started in 1993, has had many switch ups through the years. There have been ninja Power Rangers, dino Power Rangers among others. As a Power Rangers lover, I have a bias toward the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie, which was released in 1995. Therefore, when casting the new Power Rangers, I decided to base them off of the characters that were in that movie.

With the new movie, there will be a new cast. With a new cast, there are so many options. After reviewing actors that are currently hot, I have listed my dream cast for the movie, replacing the stars of the first Power Rangers movie. I have listed actors for each of the rangers for Rita Repulsa, Ivan Ooze, Zordon and Dulcea.

If you agree with my choices or have a better idea, comment below? Most of all, are you ready for a remake.

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