Top 10 facts you need to know about Solange Knowles

By Chelsea Lewis ,

Solange Knowles is making headlines around the world after her recent altercation with Jay Z in an elevator after the New York Met Gala. The video of the incident was released by TMZ and showed Beyonce, Jay Z and Solange stepping into an elevator at the Standard Hotel after which Solange confronts the “Holy Grail” rapper and starts to physically attack him.

Solange was not always in the pop culture spotlight in such a negative light. She is known for being Beyonce’s younger sister but she is also working on becoming her own artist in the music industry and is a well-known actress.

TheCelebrityCafe.com is counting down the top ten facts about Solange Knowles. From the fact that she owns her own record label to her songwriting talent that has been utilized by all members of Destiny’s Child, there is a lot more to Solange as an artist, actress and performer than being Beyonce’s little sister.

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