Top 10 Flashback Friday Songs: 2000s Edition

By Kelly Moreno,

Before The All-American Rejects were giving us hell, they were moving along. Before Taylor was “happy, free, confused and lonely at the same time” she was crying on her guitar. And before Pink did it, it was Aaliyah who was telling us to try again.

The 2000s were great years. The excitement of music video premieres was something we experienced together as one nation under MTV during Total Request Live. Both portable CD players and iPods had their moments of fame during the 2000s. The Friends finale was in the 2000s and so was the big Britney/Madonna/Christina kissing fest during the Video Music Awards. The 2000s were years that brought change (our first Black president), worry (global warming) and health scares (swine flu outbreak). But they were also a decade of great music.

This music compilation includes songs whose lyrics everyone knew, songs that will bring you back to a high school memory, and songs that will forever go down in history as the chart-toppers of the first decade of the new millennium.



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