Top 10 Maya Angelou Books

By Patricia Streeter,

On Wednesday, May 28, the world lost a writer, poet, and friend. At the age of 86, Maya Angelou passed away. Though she is no longer with us, her collection of books remains.

Her books celebrate the struggle and triumph of humanity. Many of her books are autobiographies of specific moments in her life. These situations taught her important lessons.

If you never had a chance to meet her and speak with her, you can learn who she is as a person from the books she has published throughout her life.

Many of the books listed here are eloquently written autobiographies. They are small pieces from a triumphant life. Some people considered writing autobiographies about their life and have them published when they pass. They are worried about how the world will perceive them.

Angelou was brave enough to put those worries aside and publish those truths.



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