Top 10 Maya Angelou Film and Television Apperances

By Patricia Streeter,

Writing preserves thoughts, feelings, and emotions on paper. It can be printed into books or preserved. Writing used to be the only way to record history. Film has made it possible for the living to remember those who have passed on.

Maya Angelou is known for her autobiographies and poetry. In the midst of this, she took narrative and acting roles in several films in her youth and golden years.

Her voice is as memorable as Morgan Freeman's. When you hear it, you know it is her. When she speaks, it is something worth listening too. As the world mourns her passing, you can celebrate her life through books, poems, movies, and documentaries. Most of the films listed are fictional works, but they are a part of her legacy.

The average person is usually successful in one industry, but she was able to crossover into different realms of the art world. This is why her legacy will not be forgotten.

image courtesy of INFevents.com


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