Top 10 Maya Angelou quotes

By Elizabeth Learned,

World-renowned poet and author Maya Angelou has passed away. One of her most famous works I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings, is one of many that Angelou has written to inspire and teach others for generations.

When Angelou was a child, her mother’s boyfriend raped her and for a time, she refused to speak. Her grandmother believed she would find her words one day and teach others when she was ready.

Angelou learned five languages, wrote volumes of poetry, and was also a professor at Wake Forrest University. CBS News quoted her as saying, “I realize that if I had taught before I had written a book I might never have written a book. I love to teach. I am a teacher.”

In an article by Success, her work is discussed in terms of knowing you can live your life fully even when there are barriers.

We celebrate the life and legacy of Maya Angelou with familiar words she has spoken. While it is hard to narrow down so many that resonate with one’s life in a multitude of ways, these are just some of the quotes that show the essence of what Angelou believed in.

Here are our top ten quotes from the late Dr. Maya Angelou. Tell us what your favorite quote is in the comments.

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