Top 10 Most beautiful songs

By Mohammad Molaei,

To celebrate the release of his first single, a remake of Queen's iconic "We Will Rock You," musician Mohammad has put together a list of the top 10 most beautiful songs.

Inspired by musicians and artists from all different genres - ranging from Queen to pop icons Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston to classical masters such as Mozart and Vivaldi - the Los Angeles-based Mohammad combines these multiple influences to create a sound all his own. His instrumental and vocal talent has led to his own style of music, tailored to his own sensibilities as a musician and an artist.

Mohammad's time in music has led him to additional opportunities, as well, including working with fashion designer Lloyd Klein (Natalie Col, Christina Aguilera, Pink). The partnership has shaped Mohammad's personal understanding of the importance of a detailed approach to not only his music, but also his style and image.

Furthermore, the talented artist was featured in the lead role in Success Driven, a short film directed by Yancey Arias and written by Scott J. Foster. The film received the award for Best Short Film at the Bel Air Film Festival and the soundtrack, which features Mohammad's single "Anyone," received Best Soundtrack at the AOF Film Festival.

For more information on Mohammad, visit his website.

image courtesy of INFphoto.com

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