Top 10 Mother’s Day Movies

Top 10 Mother’s Day Movies
May 09 04:03 2014
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Mother’s Day is Sunday and it is a day all about mothers. Whether you’re with your mother or simply thinking of her, there are certain movies that simply give a Mother’s Day vibe. These are ten that do.

There are many different movies that are great for Mother’s Day. There are horror movies and comedies. It was difficult picking just ten. These are the most related and the best of the best.

For a movie to make the Mother’s Day list, it had to have a great motherly relationship and a great story to go along with it. The relationships shown in the movies are almost all mother/daughter relationships but there are a few of the Mother’s Day films that feature sons.

There are blood related mothers and simply maternal figures that should be celebrated on Mother’s Day. The movies on the list feature all of those different types of mothers. Some of the mothers in the movies on the list aren’t very good role models but they’re entertaining. The fictional mothers will make you laugh, cry and even sing along.

Because there are many Mother’s Day flicks, I am sure that I missed some of the great ones. Comment below on your favorite Mother’s Day movies.



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