Top 10 movies that should be turned into Broadway musicals

By Will Ashton,

On Broadway, it appears that the trend of the past couple years is making hit movies into staged musical productions. While some movies have certainly made the jump better than others, there is no denying that this seems to be the fad of the moment.

So, rather than complaining about the lack of originality, let's look at 10 films that haven't been turned into musicals, but should.

Of course, as I have not seen every movie in existence, this is not so much a definitive list of the movies that need to be brought to the stage, but rather just a helpful list of films that would definitely seem to make a splash if they were ever given their time to shine on one of New York's hottest streets.

So, without further ado, here are 10 movies that should be Broadway musicals. Do you have ideas for other movies that should be turned into Broadway musicals? Comment below.



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