Top 10 new ABC shows for the 2014-2015 season

By Lauren Wheeler,

It’s a big year for ABC. They have added 12 new shows to their fall schedule. While ABC may lag behind the other networks in viewers, they’ve made it clear that they are the most diverse network on television.

Between Scandal and Modern Family, ABC has tried to show every aspect for the modern American family. This season, they haven’t changed. They have picked up two shows with African-American leads, a show about a Hispanic woman and a show about an Asian family.

There are two shows that haven’t made the list. The first is Agent Carter, the show that follows Peggy Carter (of the Captain America series) and Howard Stark (Iron Man’s dad) as they create S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Carter is a prequel to all of the Avengers films. There wasn’t a trailer to watch so I couldn’t number it fairly.

The second show that didn’t make the list was Selfie. It is horrible looking garbage and it doesn’t belong on any best list, let alone mine. It is a revamp of My Fair Lady. Eliza Dooley (Modern day Eliza Doolittle) is obsessed with social media and decides she wants real friends. She hires Henry Higenbottam (Henry Higgins) to rebrand her so she can make friends. #NotLoverly

Here are the top 10 best new shows on ABC.



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