Top 10 Songs You Didn't Realize Were Dirty as a Kid

By Elizabeth Learned,

We all remember rocking out to songs as kids, belting them out with our hairbrushes or whatever item we used as a microphone as we danced around the house. Unbeknownst to us, our parents were most likely shaking their heads in horror, as we sang lyrics to songs that we had no clue to their actual meaning.

While some songs may not be intended to sound dirty, there are times when the songs are clearly about very risqué topics.

Growing up, I loved all kinds of music and I was old enough to realize what most of the songs were saying, but others were just fun to listen to. This list of top ten songs are ones that sound very dirty or actually are written about a particular topic that parents didn’t want us knowing about when we were kids!

Here is our list of top ten songs you didn’t know were dirty as a kid. If you know another song that has another meaning, tell us in the comments below!

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