Top 10 Stunning Celebrity Smiles

By Dr. Kourosh Maddahi,

With smiles so dazzling, you may think some celebrities have been blessed with magical powers by the smile gods. As it turns out, such gorgeous grins are just the result of incredible dental fortune. We called upon Beverly Hills Expert Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Kourosh Maddahi, to give us the inside scoop on what makes these smiles so alluring and divulge his personal Hollywood favorites!

When you ask someone to think of a great celebrity smile, nine times out of
10 they're going to say Julia Roberts or Halle Berry (spoiler alert). “Over the years, I noticed my patients choosing these names over and over again to reference how they wanted their future smiles to look,” comments Dr. Maddahi. “After a while I started to ask myself, what is it about these particular smiles that are so appealing to people?

“The one thing that all of these smiles have in common is that the teeth fill up the entire smile. A full, white smile is not only easy on the eyes but it is also very youthful looking. In all of these iconic smiles, you will see this is the case—truly toothy grins. This is a universally appealing characteristic I have pinpointed, which allows me to analyze and then create the perfect smile.”

Whether natural or cosmetically enhanced, Dr. Maddahi recognizes the devil is in the details, and it's nuances such as shape, length, color and complexion that make the most glamorous smiles so special.

Following are Dr. Maddahi’s picks for the top ten celebrity smiles.

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