Top 10 trends in lingerie

By Gina Masilotti,

Lingerie is the type of thing every woman has and loves. There’s just something about it that makes it extra special, no matter how sexy or comfortable you decide to go. Nobody knows what you may be wearing under your pantsuit to work, and that’s where it can get fun.

You can go for some jaw dropping sets with silk or satin either under your clothes, or for that special someone in your life. Or you can take the comfortable and cozy way out and stick to the typical cotton bra and underwear. There are so many different trends, colors, materials and styles that you can go as crazy or as simple as you want. From bows, to lace to cut outs, there are endless possibilities. There are bras, thongs, bodysuits, baby dolls and even rompers. And the good news is, you can get some sort of lingerie at most stores. Whatever trend you decide to take, there’s always something about what you’re wearing under what everyone else sees that makes you feel even the slightest bit sexy.

There are different lingerie types for every mood and occasion, and it’s all up to you what you decide to wear. You can choose to make it as simple or as fun as you want, and it’s all up to you who the lucky person that gets the chance to see you in it may be. Or you could even just wear it to sleep. So go crazy and be a little daring…nobody has to know what you’ve got on under your simple outfit. Here’s what TheCelebrityCafe.com believes are the top 10 trends in lingerie…

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Here are what TheCelebrityCafe.com believes are the top 10 trends in lingerie…



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