Top 10 TV shows based on books

By Lauren Wheeler,

If there is a decent book in the world, it will eventually be taken over by Hollywood and created into a visual media. In a world of Harry Potter and all of the Nicholas Sparks novels, books normally turn into movies. However, there are a few books that become television shows.

There are television shows that are currently on as well as older television shows that are based on books. There are comedy books, dramatic books and (too many) vampire books. There have been book/TV shows on HBO, ABC Family and NBC. The range is endless.

There are more than 10 television shows that are based on books. These 10 are the most popular and the most surprising television shows. There are old shows and new shows.

With each show, there is the book title, author name, the number of books in the series and why its so great. There is also a small clip from the television show.

Here are the top 10 best TV shows based on books.



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