Top 10 Worst 'SNL' Sketches (of the 2013-2014 season)

By Noah Golden,

Last week, I went through every sketch of the 2013-2014 season and came up with my list of the top 10 best sketches. But with the really good comes the really bad, so now it’s time to delve into the worst skits SNL has aired this year.

A few notes before we begin. First of all, like I said in the "Best Of" list, these things are incredibly subjective. You may have hated Monster Pals, I think it’s the best thing SNL aired all year. You may have liked Boy Dance Party while I found it a tired and unfunny rehashing of past SNL successes that just barely missed this list.

Also, a quick note into how I chose these sketches. It’s harder to rank bad than good because, well, bad sketches are just unfunny. Unfunny is unfunny. It’s also harder to write about unfunny sketches without sounding like a broken record. But in choosing these skits, I tended to favor sketches that weren’t just bad but memorably bad. Looking back, I was amazed how many sketches I simply forgot about and, generally, those didn’t make the cut even if they weren’t successful.

Let’s get this over with and on to number 10!

Image courtesy of Peter West/ACE/INFphoto.com

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