Trailer Weekly: 'Lullaby,' 'They Came Together' and 'The Fault in our Stars'

By Sari N. Kent,

This week’s column is filled with both drama and romance, the dramatic and comedic kind in the case of the latter.

Lullaby tells the tale of a man who is estranged from his family but must decide whether or not to reconcile with his father, who is choosing to go off of life support after enduring a long battle with cancer. They Came Together is a romantic comedy about hate at first sight, which, of course, morphs into love and all the messy misunderstandings in between. Finally, The Fault in our Stars is a romantic dramedy that chronicles the story of two unconventional teenagers who fall in love after meeting in a cancer support group.

All three movies have tremendous star power behind them, are sure to tug at moviegoers’ heart strings along with their funny bones and are sure to carve their own niches in their specific movie genres.

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