Traveling and want to exercise?--There's an app for that!

By Amanda Stewart,

For those who travel, but want to continue to stay fit, there’s an app for that!

As we know, most hotel gyms can be lacking in a few areas. Travelers who want to skip out on that and find a local gym with better equipment and possibly classes can use apps on their phone to buy a day pass, according to IBNLive.

In a survey of 500 business travelers, most say that they try to maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine. Under half of them say they use the hotel gym to do so while most forgo exercise completely when traveling because they are unable to fit the extra clothing into their luggage.

Gymsurfing, a new app for the iPhone, is able to help travelers book a day pass at local fitness facilities without having to think too far ahead.

According to Reuters the company plans to release a web app this week for Android and other devices.

Users simply open the app to see nearby gyms and prices of a day pass as well as other offers from each gym.

Gyms available include top of the line corporate style gyms to old school body building gyms and generally range from $5 to $20 in cost.

"You see a variety of gyms and amenities they offer, such as the type of equipment they have, and whether they have pools, saunas, or spas," said Kevin Bracken, chief executive of Gymsurfing.

Currently the app only includes gyms in San Francisco, New York City,Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Miami and Toronto, but they plan to add more soon.
"Our goal is make it so that as soon as you land in whatever city you're going to, you can find a place to work out," said Bracken.



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