‘True Blood’ final season trailer released

By Chris Howcroft,

On June 22 the final season of True Blood will begin on HBO and the first trailer for the upcoming farewell season promises that this could be a shocking and unpredictable ending for the residents of Bon Temps, Louisiana.

The first trailer was released this weekend and it shows complete mayhem in Bon Temps after a pack of infected vampires, also referred to as Hep-V vampires, invade the town with the intention of killing every human in the town, according to The Huffington Post.

This season also seems that it will deal with issues that have happened in previous seasons, especially during the trailer when Bill Compton says “It looks like the past has caught up with the present.” This is the ominous message throughout the trailer that gives you the feeling that no one is safe during this final season.

It seems actions are also catching up with Sookie Stackhouse who is feeling responsible for what is happening in the town. “I can’t take anyone else dying because of me,” she says in the trailer, which you know means that she will try to do everything she can to make sure her town is not wiped out by the infected vampires.

The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that the final season will consist of ten episodes and after watching the trailer, it seems that an all out war is coming to Bon Temps and that it seems likely that not everyone will survive the madness that has arrived to Bon Temps. We will know very soon the fate of fan-favorite characters including Eric Northman, Jason Stackhouse, Bill Compton, Sookie Stackhouse, Lafayette Reynolds, Sam Merlotte and Jessica Hamby.

The final season of True Blood premieres June 22nd at 9:00 p.m. on HBO.



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