The truth about your sunscreen

By Amanda Stewart,

It’s Memorial Day, summer is about to begin and we all love hanging out outside on a beautiful day, so it’s important to know that your SPF is right.
We all know that sunscreen is important for your health, for your skin. It could even prevent melanoma and other types of skin cancer.

According to The Huffington Post, dermatologists recommend a shot glass size of sunscreen applied when you are going to be in the sun, every time you are in the sun. However, if you don’t have a shot glass handy you can never put too much sunscreen on. And don’t forget, if you sweat or you get in the water it is important to reapply.
Many people also forget to protect their scalp, ears, neck and upper chest when they are in strong sunlight.

Dermatologists say that you should use at least SPF 30 when applying sunscreen. SPF 15 is good enough, but statistically people do not apply enough, so 30 will turn into 15.
A new Consumer Report showed that the SPF is not always correct either. Perhaps because people are not applying the amount needed to their skin or maybe for other reasons.

Also, spray sunscreen does not provide better coverage. The new Consumer Report busted this along with a few other myths as well like natural sunscreens being safer and mineral-based sunscreens being more effective.

It should also be noted there is also no real difference between “kids” sunscreen and regular sunscreen.

Keeping your skin covered during your beach or lake trip is important! Make sure you know the facts about your sunscreen.



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