Twins with rare 'mono mono' condition born holding hands

By Elise Gabriele,

An Ohio woman got an early Mother's Day present when her identical twins, who have a rare condition of being mono-amniotic or “mono mono," were born holding each other’s hands.

Mono-amniotic happens when fetuses share an amniotic sac and placenta. This condition occurs in .3 percent of births and usually means that the twins remain in perpetual contact for almost the entire duration of the mother’s pregnancy, BuzzFeed stated.

Sara Thistlethwaite, 32, the mother of the twins, named Jenna and Jillian, was on bed rest for about two months at Ohio’s Akron General Medical Center. It is essential in the case of “mono mono” that doctors monitor the babies’ health due to the tendency of the twins umbilical cords getting tangled as they are so close together, reported BuzzFeed.

The girls were born on Friday, May 9, through Cesarean section. Despite breathing problems, in which the girls had to be on respirators for a while, new mom Thistlethwaite was able to hold her newborns on Mother's Day, ABC News reports.

“It’s just hard to put into words how amazing it feels to know that the girls are OK,” the girls’ mother said. “It’s great to know they’re doing so well, and being able to hold them.”

According to ABC News, Thistlethwaite is expected to be released from the hospital on Tuesday. However, Jenna and Jillian will have to stay at the hospital for two to four weeks.

“They’re already best friends,” Thistlethwaite said. “I can’t believe they were holding hands. That’s amazing.”

Image via Twitter from NBC Nightly News



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