Two car bomb explosions in Nigerian city of Jos kill at least 118

By Kyle Johnson,

Two car bombs were detonated on Tuesday in the busy Nigerian city of Jos killing at least 118 people and leaving about 45 others with injuries.

Both car bombs were set off at a bus terminal and crowded market, with the second explosion following about half an hour later, reports The Associated Press. Some rescue workers who arrived after the first bomb were killed.

Mark Lipdo, of the Stefanos Foundation charity, said, "It's horrifying, terrible" and added that he could smell burning bodies.

While no one has come forward to claim responsibility for the car bombs, most seem to think it likely is the work of Boko Haram militant radicals, according to Reuters. The Islamic fundamentalist group was also responsible for other recent bombings in the country, with several coming in April that also claimed many lives.

While the body count currently stands at 118, National Emergency Management Agency coordinator Mohammed Abdulasalam believes more bodies likely will be discovered. "This could rise by morning, as there is still some rubble we haven't yet shifted."

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan called those responsible for the bombings "cruel and evil." In a statement, the president said, "this administration will not be cowed by the atrocities of enemies of human progress and civilization."



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