Tyler, The Creator disses Iggy Azaela on '106 & Park,' she responds on Twitter

By Gina DiFalco,

Tyler, The Creator has launched an attack against Iggy Azaela and she’s firing right back at the Odd Future rapper.

While on BET’s 106 & Park, the rapper said the “Fancy” rapper “stinks” and has a fake backside.

“I don’t want Iggy…she stinks. She got ass shots in her dump. I want real booty,” he said during a debate about Azaela and Rita Ora, XXL Mag reports.

Azaela took to Twitter to respond, calling the rapper “immature” and “rude.”

“Tyler the creator is beyond immature. I've always believed you had something more to offer the world, Shame to see you be so rude,” she tweeted, adding, “People that make enemies and talk shit about ppl they've never even said hi to trip me out. I see it all the time... Strange world.”

Tyler then replied, saying it was all lighthearted and he didn’t think anyone would take him seriously anyway. “DEADA-- I APOLOGIZE THO I DIDNT THINK PEOPLE WOULD TAKE THAT SERIOUS HAHA,” he wrote.

Azaela made it clear it’s “no skin off my back,” and reminded him “the energy you put out is what you eventually get back...doesn't effect me.”



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