U.S. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas will visit the Ukraine

By Marcina Zaccaria ,

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas is scheduled to visit the Ukraine this month.

Cruz told The Associated Press on Tuesday that he'll meet with political, military, and business leaders. His office said the visit will include meetings with protest leaders in Ukraine. Cruz said, “I have a particular responsibility to assess firsthand the current and future military threats that could jeopardize our safety and the security of our allies," according to the Associated Press.

He said that he will meet with leaders of the protest movement that forced out the country's pro-Russian president. The Ukraine has a presidential election scheduled for May 25.

Cruz is a Republican Senator, and said that the Obama administration is being ”tepid” in their response to the crisis in the Ukraine. Cruz is a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee. His trip to the Ukraine is sponsored by Secure America Now. According to the Houston Press, it’s likely that Cruz will bring his tough talking brand of politics to the Ukraine. It’s an interesting journey for someone who is technically both a Canadian and an American citizen.



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